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From time to time Work That Health will post blogs about what other companies are doing or creating that we believe are helping us all further progress to a more healthier life for the future! We will even share when companies have sales for you to take advantage of! Check out some of our blogs discussing what we have already discovered below!

No More Plastic Bottles

A New Way To Drink (Or Eat) Water In The Future!

Science has done it again! In the future, imagine yourself consuming your water NOT by drinking it...but by EATING it! See how a consumable water future would be beneficial not only for us but also for our environment!

it is picture about cyber Monday

See What Cyber Monday Deals You'll Get From These Sites!

Black Friday might be over but Cyber Monday is upon us! Don't worry about leaving the house today and shop from the comfort of your own home for athletic gear and equipment! Check out how much you will save from company websites such as Nike, Adidas and more!

See Black Friday Deal Recommendations From These Sites!

Once again, Black Friday is here and we have found some outlets where you can grab some new athletic gear and equipment for a discounted price! Check out how much you will save from companies such as Nike, Adidas and more!

Adidas Campaign "Stop The clock"

Adidas has initiated a new campaign to that delivers proceeds from certain Ultraboost purchases to the National Breast Cancer Association!



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