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A New Way To Drink (or Eat) Water In The Future!

No More Plastic Bottles

You NEVER Have To Worry About Drinking From Plastic Water Bottles Again!

Regardless of whatever you’re doing, drinking water and staying hydrated should always be on top of the to-do list. But holding onto a bottle while trying to go for a run, for example, can be very difficult and very annoying. I personally feel the same exact way when it comes to bottles.

Another concern people have with bottles, in general, is that they aren’t always being thrown away. And when they aren’t being thrown away,  empty bottles can be seen on the ground or in the water, polluting the environment and possibly affecting the nearby wildlife.

We don’t like that happening around us and hopefully neither should you. 

Our friends over at Restuff Your Stuff wrote this article that caught our attention, and we want to share it with you!

A New Way To Drink Water

Let Us (Or Our Friends) Introduce You To…OOHO: An Edible Beverage of the Future!

Meet Ooho: A piece of water sealed in a thin coating that gives your drink more portability. With the thin coating, you can bite into it or simply eat the entire packaging to drink your water. Yes, you heard me right: YOU CAN NOW EAT WATER. 

We loved what we read and we want you to read it too! To learn more, Click Here to read Restuff Your Stuff wrote about what Ooho is, how it is created and how it will shape the future of how we can all consume water without affecting the environment! 

The future is a mysterious a concept sometimes but it is most definitely exciting to see what happens next!


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