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Men Sports Shoes with Fashionable Look for Workouts

There are two types of sports shoes that can use in everyday lifestyle which workthathealth team wants to give suggestions to you. The first type is Running shoes and the second type is Training shoes. Running shoes and Training shoes have different main purposes. However, there are some similarities that both of them are used for exercise and for fashionable look.  


The main objective of men sports shoes is that our team want to make sure you are as comfortable as you can be when you are trying to stay in shape and be healthy. While also being stylish with your sports shoes.

Sports Shoes: Running Shoes

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Adidas NMD XR1 Winter

If you look for running fashion shoes that you can wear anywhere, Adidas NMD XR1 Winter is  the answer for you!. These shoes support every step that you walk and protect your feet from cold weather. To add more options to customers, there are 2 colors that customers can choose which are Red and Grey. Overall, the design of these shoes is different from other shoes because running shoes do not have socks as a part of shoes. This design might be convenient for runners.

Be ready for winter by wearing these shoes! 

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It is grey and black running shoes from Addidas
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Adidas Pure Boost ZG Prime Black

Adidas uses boost technology to help runners feel comfortable while they are running. On the other hand, people also use these shoes to wear everyday because the design of these shoes can use in many situations. The color of shoes are easy to match with everyday look outfit. 

A consumers opinion: I had a chance to interview a consumer who likes to run. He is 50 years old. He said that “these shoes are good as the brand claim. I enjoy using them. I wear these everyday not only for running purpose. (He) uses them for a year now. The shoes still look good. So I would recommend other people who like running”.

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Sports Shoes: Training Shoes

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Reebok Flexagon

Reebok Flexagon shoes are comfortable and light. Also, the function of these shoes are useful for people who like to do HIIT workout. For example, doing 2-3 cardio exercises in a row which count as 1 set within a short period of time. The foam under forefoot is important material that use to support your feet from type of work out you have. Moreover, customers have 4 colors choices to choose which are black, navy, white, and black with grey . The inspiration of Reebok Flexagon is from Origami. Reebok Flexagon can use for indoor and outdoor workout.  

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It is called Puma Thunder Spectra with green, yellow,red, and white colors
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Puma Thunder Spectra

These shoes are dad sneakers/sports shoes. You might think that they are not sports shoes because people mostly view them as fashion shoes. However, I still recommend Puma Thunder Spectra because they are light and colorful. You will see people wearing them everywhere. Wearing Puma Thunder Spectra will make you look fashionable and sporty.

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