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Massive Arms ​”A Realtors Guide”

Having Massive Arms is imperative with a lifestyle that is fast pace achieve arm definition is attainable. Furthermore, a long time resident and realtor in Scottsdale, Arizona who Kevin Lauturner has perfected this versatile lifestyle. LA Fitness is Kevin’s gym of choice because of the various workout machines they offer. As a result, the Gym is a must in a city that sizzles throughout the day. Above all, for a man that tears down houses for his customers, arm strength is a must to create a homeowners dream.

Furthermore, after visiting him for a weekend he walked me through a workout that focuses on creating Massive Arms for work and then bar. In contrast, not much convincing I decided to take this adventure with him. As a result, Kevin showed me 7 key exercise that will blow up my arms in a timely fashion. Finally, decided to offer these workouts to readers who want to learn.

A realtors guide to Massive Arms


Implement pyramid workout to every set

First of all, we started with Pyramid workouts that consist of resistance training. Likewise, a pyramid is a basic structure that you create when arranging your sets and reps of a given exercise. Similarly, it means starting out light and stepping up the weight you use on successive sets.

1st Exercise – Hammer Curls with 5 set start weight you are comfortable with and let rip. 

2nd Exercise – Dumbbell Curls continuing with 5 Pyramid sets.

3rd Exercise – Standing Bicep Curl – 5 Pyramid sets.

4th Exercise – Tricep Pull Downs – 5 Pyramid sets

5th Exercise – Overhead Dumbbell lifts – 5 Pyramid sets 

6 Exercise – Tricep Kickbacks – 5 Pyramid sets. 

7 Exercise – A Bicep Curl BURNOUT – Weight is decided by you.  

Furthermore, if you made it this far. Your arms should be feeling MASSIVE. Make sure that you take all the right precautions with recovery and hydrate right. If your shirt fits a little tight that ok, because thats the goal. 

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