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Cocoa Mint Smoothie

A great smoothie among healthy beverage!

Premium Healthy Mint Chocolate Chip Smoothie

Are you looking for healthy beverage? Are you chocolate lover? or mint lover? or cocoa lover? We got you! We got all the healthy stuffs you love!

       A healthy and flavorful beverage that chocolate and mint lovers would want to try. Cocoa is one of the very interesting ingredients because of its benefits and historical backgrounds.

          Definitely, this is a “Cocoa Mint Smoothie” menu. This healthy beverage is comprised of Frozen Banana, Spinach, Almond milk, Mint, Cocoa powder, and Dates. You can see the proportion of each ingredients below.

What are the details of ingredients and benefits?

        To begin with, it was first used by the Mayan in Central America. The ingredient itself is rich with polyphenols, which it can reduce inflammation. Likewise, it can improve cholesterol levels. Moreover, it is filled with flavanols, a substance that can lower blood pressure. Additionally, to improve blood flow and cholesterol, it mitigates the risk of heart attack, heart failure, and strokes.

        Subsequently, cocoa also improves overall psychological well-being by reducing stress level and improving calmness, and contentment. Moreover, in terms of another major ingredient, mint contains fair amount of several nutrients and vitamins such as fiber, vitamin A, iron, manganese, and folate. Besides, some of other benefits that mint may leave behind is the ability to reduce bacteria that cause bad breath.

Enjoy your eating!

We hope you will be enjoy with our healthy beverage menu! We promise you that you will get healthier and good shape if you follow our menus recipes!


Frozen Banana : 1 whole

Spinach : 2 cups

Almond milk : 1 cup

Mint : 1 cup

Dates : 3

Cocoa powder : 1 tablespoon

Mix and blend, then enjoy!

Spinach is

  1. Improving eyesight

  2. Treating Mascular degeneration

  3. Providing neurological benefits

  4. Treating hemophilia

  5. Maintaining blood pressure

  6. Strengthening muscles

  7. Helping in bone mineralization

  8. Reducing Inflammation

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