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What You’re Actually Doing When You’re Buying Adidas X Parley

Currently, there are more than the millions of pounds of plastic pollute the ocean.                                                 Therefore, Work that Health recognizes that Adidas has found a smart way to recycle the waste to produce environmental products for customers.                                                                                       

Hence, the goal of this brand is to deliver high performance products, which are environmentally friendly to the planet. Moreover, the brand has innovated many environment friendly products to customers and also produce products for our better planet as well. 

One of the popular environmental products that Adidas has made is “The collection of Adidas X Parley”. This collaboration is to keep plastic from entering ocean and transform it into high performance sportswear, which means that turns the problem into the solution.                                

In addition, there are 3 things they consider to end plastic pollution: 

Avoid – no plastic bags, no micro beads, and in the future no more virgin plastic in the supply chain  

Intercept – the brand aims to stop the plastic before entering the ocean                                      

Redesign – Adidas tries to design product by using eco-innovative around materials. By using product from environment, recycle to use its again, new way to use, new method to produce, new mindset to design, new future for our planet.                                                                                                            

Therefore, these collections are made from yarn with the collaboration between Adidas and Parley for the oceans.  The plastic features of Parley collection are made from the recycle waste or up-cycled waste, which has been stopped before reaching the ocean.                                                                    

Here are some of the products of Adidas X Parley collection:

1.Ultraboost Uncaged Parley Shoes

2.Adidas Z.N.E. Parley Hoodie

a woman wear a black jacket

3. Adidas Z.N.E. Parley Pants

a woman wears black pant

Shop all the Adidas X Parley Collection:

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