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Best Home Workouts for a Busy Millennial

Best Home Workouts For A Busy Millennial

First of all, being young in the days of modern technology is tough. Furthermore, millennials are forced to spend every waking minute behind a screen. Likewise, scrolling viscously through social media to relax after a long day is normal. Millennial’s are easily persuaded into the next big fade, which at the moment is living a healthy life style. Seems like, meal prepping and occasionally fitting a workout during lunch is a everyday occurrence. In contrast, spent numerous research hours establishing a volatile home workouts to meet the needs of busy millennial. Finally, 20 minutes is all that you need to accomplish a workout. Similarly focus on increasing leg strength while boosting stamina to make it through your busy life. 

Best Home Workouts For A Busy Millennial​
Face of a "A Busy Millennial​"


Most noteworthy, all exercises will consist of 3 sets of 25 unless you are a beginners then you can start at 3  sets of 15. Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself. No less, not more. 

Lets get the BLOOD FLOWING 

1st Exercise – Push-ups making sure to narrow your hands parallel with your shoulders. 

2nd Exercise  – Squats with or without Weights 

3rd Exercise – Seated Leg Crunch

4th Exercise – Calf Raises

5th ExerciseBench Lungs with or without Weights 

For the reason that we focus mainly on legs because millennials sit most of their day. Similarly, the need for maintaining muscle definition in your legs is a must. Hence, reaching a step count that increases blood flow throughout the body. 

After the first set take a 2 minute break that includes rehydration because you will be breathing hard. 

Now that your blood is flowing

Above all repeat all exercises until sets are complete. Certainly remember to widen your stance per set giving other muscles an opportunity to be worked. 

Finally give it all you got, time is limited to only 20 minutes. As a result repeat daily trying to reach 5 full days a week to see a change in muscle definition and energy levels. 

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